The Romance of Duality


    The other day, something remarkable occurred. The reading last week was confirmation that you’ve created your OWN reality (as a whole, this includes anyone who understands and accepts the information I give out).

    This week’s reading did not go unnoticed by me! When Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are pulled together, it is the ultimate way of saying, “You’ve done it!”

    Let’s go over why this is important, and what your next steps are.

    Firstly, these two vibrations are one in the same, a form of duality. They represent each other, but then they don’t. Unlike Yin and Yang, which is a form of balance, Divine Feminine and Masculine represent creation. If you are aware of your creating abilities, this reading was definitely for you.

    Divine Feminine is representative of doing, Divine Masculine is the know how. Together, these two cards mean to create. While you can create without the other, having both means you’ve gained what you needed from the Universe (at this point). There are so many different interpretations from this reading as well.

    It has been said that half of the written world is actually real, while the rest is up in the air. My belief is, and experience…you create the reality you desire. You have to be able to accept all realities, understand the declines and inclines, and stay away from the retrospective of matters. 

    While you would assume you need practice, that actually comes with those small moments and epiphanies, when you realize how deep you’ve gone. How great you are. What you’re actually capable of. 

    Pulling these two cards is a definite sign of confirmation. On Earth, we often assume men and women are here to create life. While that may be true, there is another process we have not been able to understand or include until now.

    Both vibrations can be found in all life, but these vibrations are geared towards creating a stable reality. One that has balance, can expand and has understanding. Each moment the two are spent with each other, they continue to grow and manifest as they go along. Perspective had shown up in this reading, making it even more majestic.

    You could be expecting a child, a new project, a new relationship…with you or yourself. It means the realm of possibilities has expanded beyond even your own comprehension, so don’t be afraid to take a step forward into your own frontier.

    I know it’s hard to believe, because of how we were raised to understand and believe. But the governing of someone else’s reality is wrong-I’ve been sent here to help set you free. 

    It’s not up to anyone else but you…on how your life goes, how it ends, and so on. As I stated in a previous blog, THAT IS A SIN. Attempting to control and maneuver souls that have their own journey is a crime against existence. But then…there’s light in all of this. We are free from that, if you desire to be.

    I’m glad I stumbled across this reading. I relayed my excitement to a couple of friends. And since The Lion’s Gate closed on August 9th, 2021…you can expect your manifestations to happen even quicker. Be mindful of what you’re manifesting, though. Darkness spreads just as quickly as light, and vice versa.

    I’m excited because this entire year went as I was told it would go. I am not disappointed in any aspects, and I’ve grown so much! I hope a lot of you have as well! You should be ecstatic!

    The more you move, believe in movement, understand Creation and your purpose…the more you will see manifest. Energy is moving faster than people realize. I witnessed someone attempt to curse others and how quickly that affect backlashed on them. I’ve also seen positive outcomes happening faster than we can process information.

    Through all of this, understand that life is grand. Existence is essential and more than enough, and you have always been able to control your reality!

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