The Lion’s Gate, Upcoming Projects


This is grand and exciting! I have been talking about this the entire year, hoping I am prepared, as I am hoping I can prepare you!

As a disclosure statement, I am still learning about Metaphysics, but this is a great thing that recently occurred.

Are you aware of The Lion’s Gate? Not the film company, but a portal of wonders, so to speak. The opening and closing occurred on August 8th and 9th, but with all supernatural events, the potency was felt before and after!

Here are some key elements to remind you, if you knew or felt it in the spirit-

  • Irritability, and restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Lightheaded, or feeling like you were floating
  • Slight confusion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches

These symptoms should have passed. But The Lion’s Gate is of abundance and manifestations! Did you have any projects you were waiting on? A love to show up? Career moves? The need for extra cash flow? It’s all been answered.

Not only are we closely engaging with The Spirit Realm, we are also in the Age of Aquarius-which means things move extremely fast! Think about it and you shall achieve it! Now is the greatest time to truly believe in yourself. 

However, aside from The Lion’s Gate, those who are wishing harm on others, casting dark magic, and being evil in general will degenerate. It means they can no longer exist, as Earth is becoming the realm it was meant to be. 

Any clues?

The Christian’s called it heaven. It is more so a state of mind, as is “hell.” But heaven on earth is beginning, and you can manifest the purest of expansions. The reason it’s exciting and important is because the chains of long term servitude are gone. There will be attempts from “the powers that be,” but from recent research, and the agreement of others I trust…they cannot function in such a place as this.

So dream that dream, create it…and keep creating. Creation keeps us from slipping into a void. Perhaps those that are lost do not understand this concept…but falling into a void means there’s no way out. It would take a strong individual to pull themselves out of it.

We were put on this plane(t) to create. We destroy that concept with the regurgitation of films, books, art, fashion, ideas…basically everything. But, an uprising of creators occurred starting in 2012…and has continued rolling on. Perhaps you will not respect or understand it. Maybe it is above your head. But I can guarantee…it is here to save the day.

New music, new movies, new books…never everything is taking the place of what was created to keep everyone in a stupor. Those bonds have been broken for those who allowed what they felt in their spirit…to expand into their mind.

I cannot speak for those who do not wish to see, except that it’s up to your higher self to save you! It is a select few. If you’ve chosen a name not given to you at birth, consummated in the highest heavens. If you illustrate from the heart, and love even deeper than that. If you sing to remind those what true talent means…if you move differently and can make it rain with just a thought…

It’s time.


    The producer for Erin Bailey is a Time Lord announced August 23rd 20121, that he would be returning to the projects he had on hold, which includes my film!

    Told you I’d tell you! I am very excited, but there is a process to all of it. While I have my reasons for my excitement, it could be a couple of years before the film is fully finished, as there are other projects on hold as well. 

    I am happy, as it was a long wait. But I will say, Coronavirus who? I have never given up the faith tied into this project.

    During the time I waited, I kept myself busy with projects and came across amazing friends! There’s also a possible love interest mixed in there, which is more prominent because of the age we are currently in. I also learned a lot of lessons and I am valuing myself much more than I had been before. 

    With that being said, future writing projects will be announced upon finishing, as I am unsure as to what I will be doing…and where.

    I want to thank anyone that reads my blog, as this is a continuing journey! I have, though, started on a new novel, and will later reveal the details.

    I have also started on new artwork, and I am actually close to finishing that. It is titled “The Roof,” and it features Sacha Del’Rossa and Alicia Benevido…the evening of the Perfect Mate ritual. I typically illustrate people, not landscapes. It isn’t hard for me, I just don’t do it!

    It is coming along well, and I am excited to finish it. This piece, alongside The Silver Winged Oracle, will not be on clothing. Aria has its reason-she’s is nude. But this piece may be a tapestry if I can get around to doing so.

    Lastly, I have no set schedule for posting. I am on all social media outlets that benefit my art, but my website is my true gem. Since I own the domain, it’s a better move. I will, however, post as much as possible!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Exciting things going on for you! I always enjoy reading your posts 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you do 😌

    2. Definitely exciting! It’s what I’ve been waiting on, haha

      1. Simon says:

        That’s always good when what you’ve been waiting for comes along.

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