The age old question as to why you haven’t been “blessed” is about to be answered.

    You don’t deserve it. Blessings are learned, then earned. While we come across small chances of luck, the truth is, major blessings and moves are earned.

    You can disagree with it all you want, but I am speaking from experience! I feel, we earn whatever it is we earn, so it is never the same thing from person to person. I believe you need to understand your purpose on Earth, your existence, and that you should respect all aspects of existence…even the parts you don’t agree with.

    I hope I don’t sound like a goodie two shoes, I am definitely not. I am flawed like anyone. But, I like sharing what I’ve learned with people.

    Blessings can come in many different forms. Monetary, health, home, family, career, etc. The possibilities are endless, but the major reason we don’t see Ebb and Flow is because of fear. It shuts us out of understanding, clouds our minds, and controls all we do. Mostly, because we allow it. (not because the devil made you do it!)

    Fear looks like impulse buying and over spending, selfishness, greed, and the inability to see your mistakes. It hides in the shadows as you sit in the same spot everyday, and constantly put yourself down. Then, as you feel you need a new necklace to make you feel better, it pounces and drains out whatever light was left-every single day. Sometimes, people can’t break their own cycles. Sometimes, it takes people years or even decades. Ha, in some cases, several times at life before they understand why they’ve been stuck.

    It is fear, which can have quite the list of things that fall under it. Addiction issues. Control issues. Pathological lying. Narcissism. The list goes on! While we like to find the root of the problem, often blaming our abuse on early years (which can contribute) or others who have hurt us…the truth of the matter is…fear is our fault.

    You have the ability to believe or not believe what you are shown. While the previous age is gone, and dead…The Age of Aquarius gives most the ability to change the reality to what they see fit. Meaning, you can manifest greatness. But you have to believe in yourself, and not fear anything! Many people around you may have been placed in your life in the attempts to weigh you down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, a lover or a friend. 

    The thing that darkness loves the most…are more souls that succumb to the darkness. When someone says they fear and worry until the result is better…can be considered insane. It’s perverse to assume all children will be abducted. Our minds are capable of creating our realities, so since that’s the case…why manifest grotesque things you know could not only happen…but hurt someone? Because then, you can pray to the god you were taught to pray to, and pretend to care. When in actuality, you want to have a two hour long conversation about human trafficking and how bad it is…because it gives you and the dark host inside of you fuel.

    Instead, bring up notes about how hard people are working to help find, and help heal these individuals that have this occur. Talk about how everyone knows what’s going on. Because that is helping create positivity and results that help everyone.

    Why did I bring this up? You have the ability to shape your reality with thoughts, then your success and blessings haven’t come because of yourself and the damage you do to yourself daily. I have experienced this. I had to learn how to not tell certain people things were changing for me, because they would take the time to feast on my reaction if they said I couldn’t do anything.

    Eventually, I learned to stand my ground. I would ask questions like, “Why would you say that? Do you want a bad outcome?” They’d have to answer no, or they’d become deathly quiet. They weren’t expecting me to clap back.

    The truth of the matter is, your reality is yours to manage. The results will be yours to cherish or endure. So it isn’t up to anyone else, to be honest. It isn’t up to anyone, but you.

    We don’t talk about this, but conformity keeps people from ascending, changing their reality and understanding the universe as they grow. While it may not be fully understood, you can’t help but to respect it. 

    It isn’t easy, and challenging. Someone can definitely try to pull you down, and you may need to work yourself back up. But the journey is more important than the reward at the end. Think of what you’ll learn! You can apply it for many reasons, and that’s why journeys exist to begin with. They are to shape you, and they are to be respected. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, you learn something else. It happens, everyday.

    I hope this helps someone. I had to figure a lot of things out, and shouted EUREKA when I realized what I had done to myself! 

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