Weekly Reading August 31st-September 6th 2021- Confirmation, Joyous, but…Use Caution


Today’s moon is in whimsical Gemini, so prepare to not be so sure. This is a good thing, though. The energy surrounding this moon means you won’t be making decisions-or be anyone’s fool.

Geminis, to most, have a tendency to flip flop. They are a dual sign, and a mutable one at that. Just like Pisces, the water version of this sign, it simply suggests that no…you’re not catching anything with that bullshit! Ha!

Take in this energy to relax FOR YOURSELF. Or, for someone who truly deserves what you have to give. By the weekend, we’ll be in Cancer transitioning into Leo. So it’s all emotional, but instead of the relaxing nature of Leo, we’ll see the hustle the Lion is actually known for. Why? It is the presentation of where it stands, and the meaning of the relative reading that follows this passage.

Leos rule over a lot, and one of those things is getting the job done so they can relax. You won’t find a Leo that doesn’t work hard.

By next Monday, the New moon will be nearly upon us, as will the transition into Libra. Then would be a good time to write down new plans, or rethink old ideas to get a better grasp. Libra is about fairness. Which means you’ll need to look over everything in order to come to a conclusion.


You there, shining like the brightest beam of light! The Universe speaks again on your recent accomplishments. 

Solar Plexus has been drawn, meaning The Universe is not only in agreement with you, it also wants you to remember who got you in the position you’re at in the first place. YOU. But remember, that we are all connected to the Source. There are reasons for your success.

Next is Passion. YOU ARE EXCITED! As you damn well should be, but! Use that energy to fuel other projects, so you can focus on balance instead of throwing confetti everywhere. While it’s good to celebrate, harboring that positive energy and using it for other work will stabilize the energy around the blessings coming your way. Don’t be shy about your success, it’s okay to be joyous 🙂

Lastly, we have communication. This simply states all information coming your way needs to be deciphered…twice over. You’re on top now, so expect those below to try clawing their way onto you. Expect people to pretend they want to be your lover…expect that from friends as well. Now’s the time for you to be wise. This card also indicates the coming of very good news, confirming what you already know. Steadfast with work, transmute with love. And be mindful of what you’re hearing. 

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