Libra Mercury Retrograde


It’s almost time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde!

This time, it’s full frontal in Libra, a few days after the constellation settles into the sky. All three retrogrades this year occurred in air signs.

No one is “safe”, and a handful of signs may or may not benefit. The best attitude to wear during September 27th-October 17th is positivity-what happens during a retrograde can affect the rest of your life if you let it.

The signs that will be most affected are Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Leo and Sagittarius. If you are on cusps, it means you’ll be a bit more stable. Libras will also have some issues.

The biggest problem during retrogrades is communication. It’s best to use patience, understanding, and to go over things twice.

Expect to twist a joint, or break your favorite cup. Know that those who are not spiritually inclined will actually be on the attack-or-will lose their fire… depending. It’s never right to argue or fight. You cannot take hurtful words back!

Instead, focus on relaxation. Peace. Even sex. But important decisions, new relationships, and contracts will be halted or foggy.

Patience is a virtue, Libra. Libras will not be their usual anticlimactic selves. In fact, Libras will be blustering hot air-so take five. OFTEN. Blinged out sunglasses and all.

Aquarius judging well will prosper; just the opposite, will encounter not only financial slip ups…poor health creeps up. Karma is more at play. Pisces will have communication issues, and need to yell for once and a while. Do it. Release all that negativity, or take it out sexually. Do not bar it in.

Tauruses need to take a step back and focus on balance…not obtaining. You will have your moment to shine, but abstain best you can.

Remember The Lion and the Mouse? Expect a thorn…with no help Leos. Instead, focus on helping others, even with a thorn in your hand.

Lastly, Sagittarius. Actually, this is a clearing the air time. You’re setting yourself up for actual rewards that you shall reap immediately, especially those on the Capricorn cusp (December 18th-23rd). However, if you’re meddlesome, selfish ways have shown true…expect everything to crumble before your eyes. A retrograde usually reveals things in a dark shadowy way we’d rather not indulge in.

Here are steps to help ease those woes
Cleanse your house with lavender, cherry, or jasmine incense to clear out negative energy
Self care should involve exercise, baths with essential oils, pampering and apologizing to yourself
Repeat yourself. Take a deep breath…and repeat yourself
Remember, we’ll all be a bit off. Patience is needed!
Lastly, rest well and eat well.

It’s going to be intense because this occurs during what is known as “cuffing season.” Hormones and emotions roll in tune for mating and holiday season. Tread carefully and wisely while dating. Or wait until near Halloween-the air will be much clearer!

I hope this helps! You’ve got this!

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