Weekly Reading September 7th-13th 2021- Reaping Your Miracle, Merkabah Style


Our moon is traveling from Virgo to Libra. It means simply this…you’ve uncovered the truth-what are you going to do about it?

Whether that truth is finding love or solving a problem, it leads to another road. Libra is about fairness and equality, however, with a splash of love. And in some cases, too much love. Think about the outcome, not how someone will personally take your decision. 

By the weekend, the moon glows through Scorpio, but this week is about matters of the heart. So, your relationship will either intensify or fall apart due to the truth unraveling once again. By our Sagittarius moon, mend the bridge or take a deep breath and move on.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Here are a few tips to prepare yourself as we enter the Mercury Retrograde Shadow.

  • Rest well, avoid sugar as much as possible
  • Plan out your day, go over things twice
  • Relax-cleanse your house with lavender, jasmine or cherry incense
  • Do not sign paperwork, start new relationships, or make large purchases.
  • Think before speaking-you may not be able to fix it later.


Our reading meshes together well with the moon’s transition. It speaks on standing your ground. After all…you’ve come out of your mess shining. You’ve put most of the pieces back together, and you should celebrate this. Here’s why.

First, we have the Throat Chakra. If you need to get a point across, this is definitely a good sign. Subtlety is best, but why? Dignity, remaining, is better. You can prove your point until you’re blue in the face, but your reality required stability…not someone else’s narcissistic pride. Move in even strides towards your goal as you continue to climb. But…do not shy away from letting people know that it’s really none of their business.

Next is Merkabah. Why are you here? Have you even thought of the reasons? If you haven’t, do some internal digging. You won’t come up empty (unless you’re a void) Connecting with who you truly are opens up passageways and possibilities beyond your comprehension, allowing you to learn and thrive.

Lastly is Miracle. This means you pressed through the mess and the Universe is offering you the grandest of rewards. A long time wish is soon to be fulfilled-more so in the companionship department, but it could still be monetary. Whatever it is you have sought, you shall receive. You transmuted, you believed and you loved…which is the most important component here.

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