Weekly Reading September 21st-27th 2021: Love, Creation and the Multidimensional Aspects of It


Our celestial tie to the sky is moving from Dreamy Pisces into Fiery Aries as a waning gibbous, at 99% full. It is what humans have dubbed “cuffing season” (or cupcake season). Many will soon be “nesting”, looking for lovers to spend those cold winter nights with.

Take this energy from Pisces and Aries, and leap bounds. Ask the girl (or guy) out. Buy the cozy sweater. Get ready for PSL, and hoodie weather. But do not exclude yourself from the luxury of romantic exchanges with another person. This year, love will hit differently.

It is no surprise these two signs show up during a full then almost full moon. Pisces is at the end as Aries is at the beginning. This is a major transition that shouldn’t be ignored. On top of that…Jupiter is nearby, and can be seen very clearly. Hanging close by is Saturn. While it’s not a conjunction, it is auspicious nonetheless. A lot are waiting on rewards, and the majority are huge and financial.

Because these planets are showing before the constellations step in (Sagittarius, Capricorn), it is my belief that is when you will reap your rewards. Jupiter, in the right house for most, is for power and prosperity. Saturn is also known for communication, but more so dwelves in one’s career, choices, ambition and wisdom.

You’ve made the right moves.

By next week, we will be in Gemini. I recommend taking a break. By the 27th of September, we will also be experiencing the last retrograde of this year. Take a moment to breathe, reorganize and regather your thoughts. You will receive information at the end of this month, that will indeed press through the confusion. But you don’t need to make any sudden movements!


Cuffing, mating, cupcaking. It’s that time of year. The cards pulled indicate your next moves. But consider wisely, as the Mercury Retrograde starts in a little less than a week. However, love is love…and even through confusion…it is still love.

First, we have Consciousness. Existence is multidimensional for the simple fact that on one planet, there are nearly eight billion points of view. But yours currently, is most important. The best way to navigate and understand existence is to respect all channels. Not doing so leaves you blinded to other possibilities.

Next, we have Romantic Love. This is a card I’ve seen pulled lately through my own personal readings. Since it is that time of year, in combination with the previous card…it is suggesting you look under every rock. Think outside of the box, and don’t settle no matter what. The experiences you share with someone you love make the universe blush-and expand even further. Love creates.

Last is Solar Plexus. It is a reminder to be yourself while you are looking to branch out and date. If someone is unwilling to accept you as you are, find someone who will. Love how these cards coincide with each other? They also coincide with the sky. The Solar Plexus Chakra is that of Aries, and that’s where our moon is moving towards. It’s about creating, but from your soul…not just a thought that rolls into your head. Which means it comes from Creation itself. You Solar Plexus Chakra also tingles when a truth or lie is heard-so remember that as you’re dating this season!

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