You Don’t Need Their Consent

You have overcome quite a bit, and in doing so, your heart has softened…in a good way.

Newsflash, though. Here’s who doesn’t deserve your kindness and how to manage your emotions l. Yes, you will come off as a rigid, cold or seemingly difficult. But setting boundaries is necessary.

People who hurt others never apologize for everything they’ve done, only for what they continue doing. Understand and recognize this behavior, so you can remind yourself why they don’t deserve your favor.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your mother, an ex or an aunt-once someone has crossed the line…and continues to do so, put your foot down.

These people use control tactics once they’re done attempting to disarm you. Either with being overly kind (compliments, trying to take you shopping, cooking, etc) or the opposite-trying to hurt you further (because I’ve got you where I want you.)

Some of you have gotten to the point where you can see the attacks coming. For those of you who haven’t, here are some tips on how to manage your emotions, and how to handle situations that unfold.

The most common reason for attacks, is typically success of any kind. Whether it’s a new child, a job, money or an award won, you’ll feel it even before the great thing happens. Whomever is attacking you hopes to distract you so much that you become ill-minded such as themselves. The hope is that you doubt, and trouble yourself until you’ve gone insane and begin to think and move like them.

In most cases, people being rewarded generously from the Universe were meant to be in that position. However, you don’t always know how to handle things said to you, or things done.

First, no response is the wisest response of all. If you can’t manage to do that, answer the question with a question. Example: “How are you so sure this will turn out well?” *sidenote…what a TERRIBLE thing to say!*

Your answer: “Why are you asking me a question that seems to end with me failing. Is that what you want?”

The typical response from them is silence. Mostly, because they can’t have you knowing they hate themselves, so they hate you. Instead, they’ll play it off and quickly leave the topic alone.

Gifts. Gift giving from those who have dark intentions is weird, is it not? Whether it’s in the form of material items, or little chores done around the house…just say no. They’ll try coming back later, bringing up all they’ve done. My favorite remark is, “Why are you making my bed, but you don’t read my blog?” (just an example)

It causes them to withdraw. Almost as if they’re afraid you’ve seen right through them! Those random, and manipulative gestures will begin to fade. Because the next part, which shouldn’t really be a shock to anyone, shows their true intent.

They’ll attempt to start fights with you over little things. And if they can’t start a fight with you, they’ll fight with anyone. The best way to handle this is to tell them that you’re past their games, and unless they have something kind to say, don’t speak at all.

I don’t care who you have to address this to, sitting down and saying nothing when someone is trying to hurt you repeatedly isn’t wise. But speaking your mind after you’ve thought about what to say does help. You can guarantee they’ll be back for more-closer to when the ship sails in, but drawing the line and letting them know it isn’t right works well.

Recently, I have been pulling the Throat Chakra from my Sacred Geometry deck. It simply means that I need to speak my mind. While to some, it may seem I am being impossible (what else would it be) while to those who actually care for me, I am standing my ground.

You should continue to do so, for the benefactor of your sanity. It is also a test, especially when you constantly come into close contact with someone who doesn’t wish you well. Even if you have to realign those boundaries everyday, do so.

Here’s a good tip and something you can say out loud.

“NOTHING IS WRONG!” Because nothing truly is wrong. People who create issues, situations and scenarios do so to bring you down.

As I said before, you’ve overcome a lot. You’ve got this.

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