Weekly Reading October 1st-7th 2021- Your Manifested Change


Do you feel like you just got your fire back? Our celestial rock is drifting through Leo as a waning crescent. It means you’ll be assertive, going after what you desire (whatever that may be) then you will fall into a deep slumber! A well deserved, deep slumber.

With Leo, look back on all of your accomplishments and roar as loudly as you can. Let the entirety of existence know how GREAT you are. Afterall, you are the king of the jungle.

By Tuesday, we see ourselves shifting from Virgo to Libra as we get the opportunity to judge well. Wednesday is a new moon in Libra, which means you’ll be governing your life how you see fit (besides, who asked em anyway?) 

Next Friday, we’ll have a waxing crescent in Scorpio, which simply means you’ve made up your mind, but you’re not telling anyone why or what about. 

Keep in mind that harboring your secrets is helpful in a world full of people who can’t handle the truth. The following sign will allow those words out freely, so don’t feel as if your dam will break.


*Today’s reading is on Friday due to a change in schedule. Readings will continue to be issued on Friday until further notice!*

You are the one who decides what happens in your life, whether it is happiness or sadness. There are people who thrive off of negativity-everything is a bad outcome. They’ll tell you they live this way because they don’t expect any good…and they’re serious, believe it or not. But the very same people wish to have happiness, die and go to heaven. That is not how things work.

Our first card is Delight. You get to decide how happy you’ll be, and this affects those around you simply because feelings are on the basis of vibrations. The higher the vibration, the better you’ll feel. If nothing spectacular seems to be happening, think about your existence. That is reason to rejoice! I would take time to smile at strangers, and greet them graciously, hoping they have a wonderful weekend. It’s only fair.

Next we have Fertility. Those of you waiting to hear the rest of the good news about that big thing you’ve done should strap yourselves in. You’ve planted seeds in good soil, and it is harvest season. You’ll be appreciating those moves you made early in your career, relationship or schooling. And it’ll be you you’ll be thanking.

Lastly we have change, which speaks highly of what’s to come. Not only is it coming, it’s an upheaval! It’s pushing all the madness, tears, pain and struggles you’ve gone through out of the way. It doesn’t matter what it is you receive, but it will definitely put you in a better place. You deserve it! Love how well this reading is paired.

That’s right. Do your happy dance.

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