Weekly Reading October 8th-14th 2021- Transmute, Traverse-Transcend


I absolutely adore when a reading and the sky align perfectly, don’t you?

Our silvery, dream rock floats through Scorpio-be glad. We are halfway through Libra, and although Libra is a loving sign, Scorpio is about layers, depth, understanding…and revealing secrets.

Something will surface from those steamy, deep waters. Good or bad is up to how you feel about it. Take some time to reflect on how you really feel about anything and everything. And reveal it to yourself. Discovering the truth unto ourselves is more gratifying than trying to pry the truth from others.

At the beginning of next week, our moon wanderlusts into Sagittarius, then steadies through Capricorn. This means you’ll need to apply those layers by traversing, and transmuting…then stabilizing as we approach a not so clear sign by week’s end. Expect to not know what’s going on with our moon in Aquarius.

During this weekend, I would schedule self care sessions, finish art, break up entirely, and finish that book. Don’t start anything new until you feel you’ve truly loved on yourself enough!


This week’s reading is speaking deeply on self love, self understanding, transmuting, and traversing. Darkness never quits.

First, we have Heart Chakra. We are still in Libra, which is the chakra associated with the zodiac sign of love and fairness. Take a moment to step back and evaluate YOUR LIFE, and what you’ve done in it. Then remind yourself how far you’ve come, and why you’re here. You need a new perspective when dealing with people who bring up old matters.

Next is Merkabah. This, I feel, is reminding you what you’re truly capable of. Your Earthly body is nice and everything, but you came equipped with the ability to move negativity to the side. People around you want to tear you down, while you could fight a good fight…traverse layers. Ignore them, transmute that energy…most of all…manifest what you’ve managed to change into light.

Lastly is Crown Chakra. This is a sign from the Universe that you and your soul already know the main goal at hand. Yes, transmute, but wear your “crown” proudly. As you approach your period of manifestation and blessings, expect others to try and trample your glow with muddied feet. That’s their problem, and I’d surely let them know! Remind them and yourselves about how grand you are, why their petty mannerisms won’t make a difference…and why fighting isn’t worth it.

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