Weekly Reading October 15th-21st: Delight in Your Manifestation


As our moon drifts through Aquarius to Pisces, our constellation system switches as well. From fair in prejudice Libra to decisive and deep Scorpio. 

For those forming relationships or in one, Venus paired with Mars as our sun rises guides that delights further than we can imagine. Though the positions change through the day, waking to such intense ascensions of love means today, tonight and the next couple of days will be amazing. 

However, Scorpio transitioning means the dark will be revealed. And since we are very much in a Mercury Retrograde…things can feel off for some. 

This is your chance to be patient, transmute, and forgive. Particularly for those who are unaware. The intention of this season is to find love, even with Mars settling behind Venus. 

By the 20th of October, we’ll have a full moon in Aries. And by next Saturday, Mercury Retrograde is close to ending, though we still have a two week window for its shadow.

This is a good time to clean house, and situate what matters most to you. Don’t sign contracts or get into relationships unless you’re absolutely sure-or if you are…take that chance. Love is a hard thing to come by!


The cards invoke that the change you sought is here.

Sacred Geometry is the language of Creation. It is plain and simple, covering all aspects of existence. Think of it as a mirroring dimension that constantly changes but always offers the proper answer. 

First we have Delight. You should be grinning from ear to ear. You are where you should be. I know it wasn’t easy, but you’ve accomplished something greater than the pain you went through. Share your happiness with others, as we all know how hard life can be.

Next is Belief. What your heart and soul understood is what this means. You applied it, then manifested this. Creating and maintaining your own reality isn’t easy work, but walking your own path is worth it. 

Last is Realization. Are you stepping into your reality, with confirmation in your heart? If not, let me reassure you. There are no mistakes when the Ebb and Flow are allowed. And since that is the case, accept where you are with delight in your heart. In the belief you are quite capable of anything. 

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