Proper Movement


The question that is always asked is, “how do you write a novel?”

My answer is that of a question. How do we do anything? Perhaps, stop making the seemingly large, look and feel mundane by simply doing what you fear the most. It is as easy as that.

The hard part comes in when you have to continue said magic trick. But life is what you make it. It is and always will be mind over matter. There are tricks, there are even what seems to be easy fixes. Yet, nothing sticks quite like experiences learned.

You are to go out and apply those skills, whether obtained in a brick and mortar building, or at home. During your trials, you will have also learned that failure often means this little truth- you did not believe in yourself enough, why should you deserve such glories?

Until you understand, and grow, the only thing to be gained is experience. It is more valuable than most like to agree it is. It is the reason you step out further and further as you go along. And why passing your view point of knowledge obtained is important.


It would seem all projects are on hold, or to be finished whenever because of a recent gain in my career.

I will illustrate but writing, unless blogging, is out of the question.

Max Magazine’s executive producer approached me about a couple of weeks ago! I have submitted a few of my own blogs, as well as my CV (for Americans, that’s a resumé).

I was told, twice, that they will look over my work, “and let you know when we find a subject suitable for you to write about!”

While waiting for my film to get up and running, this is amazing and much needed. I am grateful for the opportunity as well!

I will keep you updated as much as I can. I will still do my weekly reading, as it is needed on both ends.

Present is my recent artwork, titled The Plan, from The Dirty Deities. It covers Chapter Five, “Sober” a little further, and a preview will soon be available.

I am deeply considering usage on Vida for this piece. It received quite a bit of praise, and for good reason. It is an amazing illustration, giving us another angle of the storyline. What Shawn Delgado had to do was very hard, considering his emotional attachment to Alana, aka Reincarnation.

The best parts are answering questions about the art included in this ongoing Sober series. It was never meant to be “cool,” and reflects the outlook of how we view existence. The lengths we think we should take versus standing our ground.

The Universe is on your side when you begin to work from within. When you realize how much of a gamble it is to accept the worst, or believe in the bad, the light you’re searching for reveals itself from within.

No light is brighter than your own-except the collective of lights we walk towards. The illumination of one’s purpose, and existence shines brighter with self understanding and self love.

It isn’t simple. We have shackles we’ve laid upon ourselves, as well as restraints from others. It takes time, but the reward is healing and understanding, provided you accept you will always grow.

A respect of all things that exist can help with this process. You’ll blow your own mind, but that type of expansion is needed.

As always, thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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