Weekly Reading October 29th-November 6th 2021- Thanking Your Higher Self

Almost none are more mystical than a Leo. Being the Crown Chakra has its perks. This is where our moons lies today, traveling through the mighty lion. 

Roar as loud as you can. Your affirmations, manifestations, and triumphs are at your doorstep. In most societies, it is asked that you don’t gloat or brag-do so. You have overcome quite a bit. 

Luna glides through Virgo by Sunday, Scorpio, Libra, and Capricorn by midweek…and manages to land on Sagittarius by next Saturday. This’ll be a weekend you actually need to take a break. The next week will be geared towards tidying up, reorganizing your thoughts, and letting the truth be known.

These things usually take place after major blessings occur.


This week’s reading is awfully specific…

Especially given all we have spoken about!

First, we have Third Eye Chakra. All of us are capable of the impossible, especially when it comes to our imagination. Believe more in what you think up, than what you’ve been told to visualize. That’s how you’ve gotten as far as you have. 

Next is Soul Time. This seems like it speaks of a relationship, and it does. But remember that you’re connected to your higher self-that relationship needs more work than you realize. Your higher self is congratulating you, but take time to meditate and thank the Universe for your accomplishments. 

Lastly is Solar Plexus Chakra. This is indicative to your creative works, moreover. You will begin to see a pay out, since you are after all still being yourself. Manifestations come under conditions of originality and self love. It has always been the case, and always will be. You know what to do 🥰

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  1. Simon says:

    Sounds like it’s all going on!

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