Your Own Uplifting


The way you carry yourself is externally seen, though some put effort into their material illusion of well being. We assume, as humans, that this is enough. However, wounds can be deeper than we ever possibly imagined, which is why you need proper healing.

Most of our societies are fitted around ignoring the things that bring us down. For most, it is a requirement to have a job, experience and to be hush about how you really feel. Just recently, the past six years, even-people have been singing a different tune. It is well needed, but should  be heard louder as there are more than eight billion people on this planet.

However grand the idea sounds, this is a process best won individually. A spiritual uplifting has become apparent, leaving the door open for charlatans, and fakes alike. Because of this, the message hasn’t been clear enough that each of us make up the collective, and we all have our own jobs at hand.

It is difficult to digest, because you have to dig deep into yourself. It is a requirement of understanding your past transgressions against yourself and others. There is also the moment when you have to forgive yourself, knowing that you may do it again. Here, most importantly, we need to know that once we carve a path…you can trail off of it to either a worse situation…or bettering circumstances.

It is not impossible, but it is difficult. The best part, too, is that you have your entire life to correct your footing. You can glide with what seems like ease, or trip up every time you’re ready to do something new. Most of the time, life is mind over matter. The things we decide to keep deep inside is a recipe for ruining our lives. We cannot, and should not blame anyone else. 

When it comes to toxic relationships, it is what you’re allowing. Bad jobs, or low income, in most cases it is what you are…or aren’t doing. Clarity and guidance is needed to navigate a place such as Earth. Neither the rich or poor are exempt from being “evil”, so social classes and income have nothing to do with anyone’s misery. It is perspective.

If you allow yourself to believe a random wealthy person is why you’re suffering, think again. There are several ways around your problem. One includes looking out of your neighborhood. Another would be furthering your education. But the most common problem is believing you are undeserving, and becoming jealous of someone else. You will continue to writhe in your lowly position. 

It gets trickier, the higher up you go. There are people in place in your life meant to weigh you down, or uplift you. They could be a family member, a friend, or a lover. Their choice of words does not decide your own future. They have their life and worries to fight with. It is, however, up to you to believe what they say is true. Easy manipulation is verbage, and how someone dictions to you is an image of how they really feel.

Those who commonly tell you how hard it is, how “we” are lowly, or how being higher up is impossible, have failed to see their life in a better light. But those who uplift you, constantly, have seen a positive outlook and know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

For growth, you have to constantly remind yourself how possible things are. No matter which road you’ve chosen on your way up, accomplishments finished, successes won, and lessons learned are meant for you to look back in awe of what you’ve done. They’re set in place to teach you, and guide you should you need that help. Respect what lies behind you, acknowledge the present, and look forward to the future.

Know that there are varying levels of success, and we should all respect the entirety of existence. There is a lot that makes up the world as we know it. It is both complex, and simplistic. It parallels each other in passing, because that is what Existence truly is, in some aspects. Once you begin to earn a respect for it, and once you see further, you realize that what you’ve been through truly was meant to help guide you.

Don’t get lost in gaining monetary funds, an attractive spouse with a great job. These are extras, bundles set aside as a reward amongst the rewards. Your lessons, the tools, your experience and your understanding are the true gifts. Patience, perseverance, understanding, humility, self love, knowledge of self worth, and the ability to heal yourself will take you farther than you realize. The idea is to use these tools to pass that message along. I am, however, not telling you to never rejoice in your Earthly gains. Prizes can be amazing.

I appreciate the perspective gained in my twenties, and up until this point. There was a lot I needed to work on. Much of it, I packed in because I was taught to do so. When it came barreling out, I was judged for it. However, I swallowed my pride and continued working on my issues, reminding myself of what I know I deserved, and not to settle because someone else isn’t happy with their life.

Instead of judging those dragging me down, I would leave them with the truth. While most abhor hearing it, creating boundaries allows clarity to flourish. It makes people think twice before overstepping what’s in place, almost making them say out loud, “is this right?”

While being recognized is favorable from the public and others close to you, recognizing yourself is far greater. You can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally.

It is all dependent upon how you perceive yourself. 

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