Weekly Reading November 5th-11th 2021- The Earth’s Magic


Welcome to November! We have a waxing crescent, transcending from Scorpio to Sagittarius this weekend, meaning from serious to literally not caring at all. 

This also suggests that maybe you should continue to look deeply into matters-and perhaps forget leniency with certain individuals until you get the absolute truth.

By midweek, the moon cascades from Capricorn (thorough) to Aquarius (insane). Next weekend can be two things-down right stupid, or emotionless. You decide. The best way to combat those type of feelings…

Is work. 

As for now, focus on the truth. The darkness prefers you forget, and in some cases tries to make you! But the truth is light, therefore seek it out.


This week’s reading definitely hits on some water sign notes. Water signs are indicative to healing and magic. The simple fact this element shows up twice is leaning towards a remembrance of capabilities. 

Magic is the result of effort. I don’t speak on spell books and enchantments…or do I? Words are tiny magic. Negative and positive. Remember that going into this new reading. 

First, we have Magic. It’s asking us to understand and believe in the impossible. You’ll say a miracle is from “god.” I ask which? We all have the capabilities of doing great things. So do them.

Next is Earth. Being connected is one thing, but as a whole is another. Earth is a plane, and an example of Source. Your abilities are that derived from the magnetic field scientists claim is just kinda there-is of abundance…and of energy nonetheless. And since you are from this plane, wield that energy wisely…for the common good. 

Lastly, we have Alchemy. Alchemy, if broken down properly, translates to Magic as well. But I speak on transmutation of negative energy to positive to overlay…change the result. So if someone wishes you ill, wish them well. If you’re told you can’t, do it. It isn’t vengeful energy, but negativity creates a void…so create a new galaxy in return. 

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