Weekly Reading November 12th-18th: Manifest Like You Mean Business


Oof. Aquarius going into Pisces can mean two things for our moon and our lives.

That everything is officially a problem. As I drift into deep waters.

Take in stride the things you need for clarity’s sake. Be open, be honest, and think before you speak. Step aside to understand other’s emotional boundaries before you open up your mouth.

And, consider the slippery conniving ways of a water sign. Discover the truth, and allow the perpetrator to bask in their own demise-step aside and breathe. Alleviate the tension. Think and be yourself.

By the beginning of the week, through mid week, we see ourselves getting a better start AND being able to run with it thanks to the moon’s transition from Aries to Taurus.

Cherish the week’s change, because by next Friday, confusion is everyone’s best friend.


This week’s reading is TELLING us that what’s to come needs to be handled with all seriousness. Daydreaming is one thing, falling into is another.

First, we have Transition. You are still in a cycle of change, which means the outcome is near. It means to not force this change, since it is already happening, and to go with the flow. The reward is the lessons learned during this change as well as the result.

Next we have Throat Chakra. Because you said so. And as it stands. Get the picture? Elaborate like you mean business, otherwise remain quiet. Stand your ground. No, it isn’t okay to overstep boundaries. Remind them of this.

Lastly, we have Empowerment. You will never be tried as much as you will with power, or gained ground. Remember that, rolling into your blessing. True power…is used for good and is connected to Source. So you are being blessed because you are serving your purpose. One in which you created.

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