Weekly Reading November 19th-25th 2021- You Came, You Saw, You Manifested-Now It’s Here!


Last night, we experienced the longest lasting eclipse since the 1400s. With that comes communication outages, including the attempts to transfer funds from one account to the next!

Since our full moon is transitioning between Taurus and Gemini, you can expect things to be a little aloof. When the moon rises at 5;33pm MST on Saturday, it will be a waning gibbous, fully transitioned into Gemini with Mercury as its planet. Everything will go smoothly this afternoon up until we enter a rather emotional sign by Monday, which is Cancer.

For right now, be patient as the humans on Earth remember who’s really in charge here! The cosmos 🙂

Here are a few things you can do to help manifest under the strain of true power-

  • Practice patient, and meditate
  • Expect delays. Unlike a retrograde, this is extremely temporary and issues will be fixed before the day is done!
  • Be sure to do your research on eclipses, and other sky phenomena!
  • Cleanse your house, protect your light

It’s also a good transition. Tauruses are hard workers and sometimes do not indulge in rest. Gemini, aside from Leos…are royalty when it comes to relaxing. So do so without any qualms. You’ll thank yourself later!


This week’s reading means you are steps closer to clutching the bag. You’ve put in a lot of work, and it is right on the horizon. It’s time to go over some things that got you to this point, so you can understand your next step.

First, we have Earth. We are all connected to this plane, but the physical is often misrepresented. For centuries, we are told to ignore what we are and how we feel. It actually slowed the progress of the human race. I’m telling you to accept all things so you can move forward. Perhaps not at lightning speed, but definitely faster than what’s expected of you. Your connection to Earth is amazing, because what you do makes everything capable for anyone, and vice versa.

Next, we have Integration. This card is more prominent when contracts are to be drawn up, and bonds are to be made. It means you’re on the right path, so be on the lookout (besides, you already know it’s coming) This is also a sign that you need to accept all aspects associated with your new life. ALL ASPECTS. Darkness gives light a purpose (and vice versa…)

Lastly, we have Prosperity. While it is the inclusion of EVERYTHING, this time it’s also focusing on what you earned as well. That’s with any new project that’s growing wings-it’s time to fly. The first cards are letting you know how well you’ve done, and what you can expect. It’s time. Congratulate yourself. 

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