What it Means to Transmute (and Why it’s so Important)


    It’s a beautiful day outside, and you’re in a good mood. You’ve decided to share wonderful news with someone that’s made the day even more glorious. They listen with a straight face, then answer, just like this-

    “It doesn’t mean you’ll get it.”

    A small spiral of doubt and anxiety rolls up into your tummy as you begin to explain why your chances are high. For the simple fact that you’re explaining yourself means they’ve already won.

    Why? Because you weren’t prepared, obviously. But because you believed what you heard. More than likely, because you ignore the dark tendencies of others and forget that they only seek to destroy you.

    I don’t care who it is, mother, friend…even the pastor of your church. Telling someone they can’t do something or won’t receive it is a way of hoping they won’t. It is dark magic, and it is evil. They’ll tell you they are reality, realistic or looking out for you. They are not. 

    Misery enjoys company! Their goal is to upset you in such a way that you don’t continue to go after your dreams.

    I’ve learned to tell people less, and even make up situations if you’re always in close proximity so you can have your peace. Since they’re ruined their own life, and they only visualize a bitter outcome, let them wallow in their own misery.

    It seems like we keep talking about the same thing, but it needs to be repeated. Spiritual guidance has turned into a cash crop, instead of help. The age that we are in does help manifest everything, but guiding souls is what knowledge is about.

    There will never be a time when it is okay to tell someone they can’t achieve anything. People do it out of jealousy, and it is as simple as that. Taking it a step further? It’s the darkness, and there’s a chance your biggest naysayer isn’t even human. Yes, it’s been said and I shall continue to repeat it. The person smiling in your face is a shell, they are hosting. Their soul is gone. No matter who it is, there is never a reason to be negative. Ever.

    When we think about the fight between good and evil, we always assume people will start pulling out bombs and other such weapons. But the best way to combat the darkness is by ignoring it. Another way to…transmuting that energy!

    So, let’s go over the scenario again- You just got the best of news! You’re in a great mood, singing a sweet tune…but you remember that this person seeks to destroy. They ask why you’re happy.

    You should immediately say, “for my own reasons.” It automatically defuses the conversation. It really isn’t any of their business. Your next response will seal the deal, “I’m sure you have reasons to be happy.”

    They don’t. You’re not being mean or rude. You’re protecting your light. The darkness goes on and on about destroying the light, but it is blind and doesn’t realize it needs light to survive. It wouldn’t have a purpose if light didn’t exist. 

    It’s wise to simply remember these things. Furthermore, no, you’re not going to fail. You’ll get the job, you’ll get paid and you’ll be successful! Ever notice people trying to bring you down have absolutely nothing going on?

    They don’t support you because it reminds them of how they allowed themselves to fail. Everyone is capable of doing great things. When you’re the person doing the great thing, of course someone will have something to say! But unless they’re supporting, and not financially…because it isn’t the same thing…they shouldn’t have anything to say.

Financially supporting loved ones should be done. You don’t use that to lord it over someone’s head. But that’s for another blog!

The point of this is to prepare yourself. They will always say something to hurt you. Remember who it is you’re speaking to. Know what they’ll say, and know how to react. Transmute that negative comment right back at them. Don’t be rude or mean. Answer questions with questions. Point things out.

Example, “Your -insert here- won’t sell.”

Answer, “That’s not for you to decide.” or “Fortunately, that’s not your decision to make.”

It immediately defuses the conversation. They are expecting you to fire back, accuse them of not supporting you, and of course, end up in tears. Removing your emotion and standing your ground makes them look stupid, and I’m going to say it, because they are.

No, do not play that game. There is never a need to insult them back. This is also what they want. To go back and forth with you. It gives them energy. So don’t give in. Ignore them afterwards. It sets the tone. Not only were they being stupid, you’re standing your ground. Why would you want to converse with someone who can only say dark things anyway!

Standing your ground isn’t mean. It’s necessary. The more you stand your ground, the less the attacks happen. The darkness only wants you if you’re easy to get to. When you realize that the decisions YOU make, and the steps YOU take put YOU in YOUR FUTURE, you begin to realize nothing needs to be said unless it’s productive. Unless this person is gassing you up, supporting you and fully helping you without throwing their support in your face, you don’t need them!

The Creator, Source and the Universe are running the show. When you are connected, they show up fully. The situations you’re in are to teach you and guide you-so if someone who is clearly host to the darkness thinks they’re doing you a favor…they’re really not. The dead can’t even help themselves.

I enjoy spreading knowledge like this! I hope this helps someone!

Go out and transmute, my loves!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    This is a very good point, there’s always someone out there that will throw cold water over you… I hope you’re well 🙂

    1. JCS says:

      I’m glad you think so. I’m well, how are you?

      1. Simon says:

        I’m good thanks…. glad you are 🙂

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