Weekly Reading December 3rd-9th: Manifesting in Yourself


We have a near new moon shifting from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and during this occurrence, the Southern Hemisphere gets a treat in the sky with a solar eclipse. Our next solar eclipse won’t be until 2024!

Eclipses are signs of gateways opening. Consider it a stamp on all things good. With it, also, happening during a Sagittarius Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, get ready to experience abundance through whatever type of work it is, as this sign’s ruling planet Jupiter is all about your goals and in most cases finance.

Jupiter, is afterall, the king. Those born under this sign or with this sign in their eighth house can expect to see abundance amassing in such a way, you will have overflow. We’ve been talking about it, which is why it’s important to believe in yourself…and understand the sky.

By mid-week, we see ourselves as oddballs-those who understand everyone but are misunderstood. By next weekend, dreamy Pisces takes over, allowing visions to become reality.

The way you move through this energy will write out the outcome-not the ending of your story. For those of whom have sown, get ready to reap. But be generous in your dealings. Someone’s generosity situated where you are in the first place.


This weeks’ reading is interesting. It’s speaking as if you’ve already been blessed and need to move accordingly. The spirit world does move faster than we do, so this may very be the case.

First, we have Integration. You have either signed a contract or will soon enter a new contract. Weighing the options are best as you consider the best route to take. Nonetheless, you will prosper accordingly. Always make sure to understand that negative and positive aspects of life exist in a balance, and not to overthrow the other.

Next, we have Consciousness. This is a sign of manifestations coming true-all ideas start in the mind and actually do get a chance to live. But, just like Integration, remember to include all aspects in your reality. You cannot exist simply by good vibrations alone. Lower vibrations and bad experiences help us mold existence into more than just a livable space.

Lastly we have Healing-you have earned this. To some, monetary gain isn’t healing at all, but for those stuck in situations or needing to help someone else…it is definitely a source of healing. Remember-everything that exists has to be considered because it keeps things going. If you sway too deeply in one direction, everything crumbles, and really, may never make sense again. Understanding all aspects…ALL ASPECTS. Respecting all entities, light and dark, create harmony in your own existence.

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