Weekly Reading December 10th-16th 2021- High Vibrations Know No Bounds


Luna is a waxing crescent, shifting from Aquarius to Pisces. Things are going to go from weird to weirder as the days go on.

However, Pisces being on the end and near the beginning simply means that you’ll perhaps be halfway in and halfway out during this. It’s an indication of what you can do during this time.

Pisceans are known for being artsy, loving and dream-like. Perhaps it’s time to shell away your garbs of this world, and use a different way to sort out problems, find love or appreciate all of creation. 

By mid week, all those daydreams may come to fruition as we find our near full moon in Taurus. By week’s end, the moon will be full in Gemini. You will have to pick a side upon determination-not how you feel inside. 

While intuition is a great aspect of being gifted, the brain exists for a reason.


This week’s reading coincides with our changing skies. There is magic in the air-but for a profound reason.

Your existence may be as simple as existing or that you are here to achieve your goals to set an example, and a moral standard…via Source and the Universe.

Our first card is Throat Chakra. This can have many meanings-definitely speaking our truths. But today, it bears witness to speaking it into existence. The Universe is letting you know that not only is it possible, you’ve been able to do this all along. Your focus is your reality-which is your outcome. And how you shape that is how the rest of the world stands upon your gift towards balance.

Next, we have Magic. I say it all the time-not spell books or incantations. Rather, the belief in what you’re capable of and putting it to action. While it sounds similar to Divine Feminine, this resonates more with a clearer and instant result. From your lips to your lap.

Lastly is Authority. We often associate this word with the police force, principles or judges. I can laugh and tell you that while it’s a cute concept, they direct nothing but whatever they’re controlled into doing. I speak of energy unbound, but represented to create. That type of vibration is of creation, and cannot be controlled. The highest vibration known to man is love…

Get the picture?

It’s time to do some serious self love, self understanding and maybe even some self worship to achieve YOUR desired reality. Step up to the plate. 

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