Weekly Reading December 17th-23rd 2021- Manifesting the Destiny of Love

The moon is floating into Gemini, which is a good thing for contracts, negotiations and new relationships. Mercury is found in the constellation of Gemini, and Mercury is known as the messengers.

Geminis, themselves, are great at conversations. So things will be said seamlessly. However, you make back step, depending on the response…after all…this sign wears two faces.

The best way to do this is using that to your advantage. We live in a world where lies are believed more than the truth. Angling the conversation to understand someone isn’t manipulation. You can nod and agree-but tell them to say what you mean!

By mid-week, the moon will dance through Leo, which means you should be prepared to roar as loudly as possible. 

By Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, you can expect things to be stable-no emotional outbursts. But perhaps a tidier holiday spent as Luna will be in Virgo.


Divine Feminine and Masculine rarely show up together in my deck. Have you been manifesting properly? Yes, yes you have.

These two are the creation of a union-a Divine one at that. 

First, we have Realization. What are you seeing more clearly, and how can this change your reality as you know it? Whether it’s noticing your self love really does make you glow, or that your view points you’ve changed helped open existence in a better way, it’s good to understand you’ve unlocked your potential.

Next is Divine Feminine. This is about creation-what you’ve manifested in what you’ve said. That relationship, that job, that car…that peace. It all draws back to a what…and yes, a who.

Lastly, we have Divine Masculine. You have manifested, but how? Wisely, hopefully. Lessons are valuable. Open heartedly, as well. You can move through a room and know who to talk to. That is a blessing. Most importantly, you’ve done this with the greatest intent. Your dreams are to be whole, which helps others surrounding you vibrate higher to this point. 

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