End of the Year Recap!

I have to be honest! This almost slipped my mind.

Except, there were so many wonderful things that happened this year. I am definitely ending it with a bang- I will be writing for Max Magazine, and my hashtag on TikTok is doing so well, I’m almost suspicious.

Also, having people use search engines to look for my website will never get old!

I’ve put together a slideshow of brief things finished and project’s accomplished. However, I also want to go over this year, as proof of what movement can do for you.

As a writer, I can openly tell you I chose a hard career-but a fruitful one. So I will not compare my accomplishments to others because I am on my own personal journey.

Writing books is hard enough, landing movie deals and being noticed by the executive producer of Max Magazine is a totally different story! I accredit it to my faith in what I’m capable of-I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t capable.

While covid still has its grip on the world, the best way to move through this is to move, period. Inspire someone, teach someone, love someone, and love yourself.

My outings this year allowed me to discover amazing hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, and gift shops. I’ve been to the mountains, to luxury hotels, down to Korean restaurants and a bar/arcade I’ll probably not get over for a while. Because I stepped out of my comfort zone, my reviews on Google stand with nearly 250k views!

I am astonished but so happy I took those moments that branch out!

This was an excellent year for art! I finished ten, high quality illustrations. About five are new favorites, including the “Sober” compilation. I actually had a list of more work I wanted done, but September had crept up, and I felt a change in the air.

And boy, was I right. A few days into October, the executive producer of Max Magazine approached me. Soon after, I did a video interview and was told the best news I’d heard all year-“We will let you know when we have something for you to write.”

The magazine will begin issuing an American edition, and being included in that is so ridiculously amazing! I almost couldn’t find words to express myself!

One of the greater things I accomplished, though, was not only walking away from my ex…but not getting wrapped up into anyone else’s nonsense. Sure, I’m single…but I’m happy.

I sat back and began to assess the absolute desire of truly having a partner, realizing how dangerous and detrimental it is to sacrifice my love and light to someone who will never want to try. My self love exploration had truly just begun this year, and I have repeatedly chosen my kids and myself over having a mate.

Another proud moment was finally expressing myself to someone who constantly used manipulative behavior and lies to get their way. It defused them in a way that I realized how much of my life and power I took back, and I never had to insult them. Not once.

When I sit back and think about everything this year, I see so much light. This was the best year I believe I’ve experienced. I didn’t gain a large amount of money or buy out the mall. No fancy cars or five star vacation trips. It was me, my self love and broadening my experiences by allowing myself to heal!

I look forward to next year, going in well equipped with the right tools to help me.

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