Weekly Reading December 31st 2021-January 7th 2022- Recognizing Your Best to do Better

Grand Rising! Christmas Eve was my youngest’s birthday! I am a dedicated mother 💕

This week, the moon sits in Sagittarius. This is exciting, considering that this is the last day of the year!

Sagittarius are exciting, marvelous, adventurous, kind and loving. They can’t sit still, and taking this energy into a new time is absolutely perfect! It’s also great for partying!

What have you accomplished this year? What are you proud of? I hope you have many things to account for, and to understand that not all are physical and material. A spiritual journey filled with growth, epiphanies and experiences is greater than any amount of money or thing in this world.

Mid week, at the beginning of January, we find the moon shifting from Aquarius, to Pisces near the end. Follow the signs and patterns. Fire-to start. Air to grow the flames…water doesn’t put the fire out in this case… we’re building a reality and it’s needed. These three elements alone create air-thusly you’d be creating “life.” 

What a fantastic way to bring in the new year.


This week’s reading has an interesting tone. Some of you will get lucky tonight, but not just for the night.

You’ve made the proper moves and respects to be in such a situation.

First, we have Consciousness. We often consider sex in general taboo, but this card reminds us that all elements make up a moment. So if you treat it badly, it will be. If you treat it like it’s natural…it will be.

Next is Tantric Journey. Even if you get a New Year’s kiss, take all of it in. If it turns into something more…whether you are male or female… experience it like you never have or never will. We often take sex for granted, or we use it as a crutch. It is to make a deep connection that nothing else on this plane can offer. This card may also indicate the making of a change, either way embrace this fully.

Lastly, we have Throat Chakra. We are speaking things into existence, and we can also right a wrong. In this case, think about how a kiss makes you feel. The feel of skin seems to be a “touchy” topic, but it’s there for a reason. Even if you indulge in just yourself, remember nothing exists solely to be there or the idea of it to be controlled by others. The same goes for any projects or ideas you’ve brought to life. You gave it life or made love to it. Time to caress, love and understand it. Speak to it, and remind yourself who is in control of your reality. 

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