Weekly Reading January 7th-13th 2022- Poured Out, Multiplied


Grand Rising!

Happy New Year, as it still applies!

Our skies love telling stories, and so far, dreamy Pisces gets to bring that to life. We are still deep in Capricorn. At around 4:30 MST, Mercury and Saturn can be seen, South, Southeast in the evening sky. 

These two planets are perfect for the news that awaits you. Mercury is the planet of communication, and Saturn the planet of wisdom, fortune, and understanding. The constellation Orion has been talked about in recent days- 4:30pm MST, Northeast, you can get a glimpse if you so choose!

Pisces allows us to dream on a scale that projects them to reality, and with such wondrous planets currently in our skies, you won’t be surprised to hear any good news. Dreams really do come true.

By mid week, we’ll be transitioning from Aries to Taurus. And by week’s end, all’s a bluster..as are most Geminis. The goal next week is to finish. Thankfully, you will!


What a wonderful way to start the second week of the year!

First, we have Prosperity. This is significant of ALL things, but yes, your projects and investments are about to pay off. Be sure to remember all aspects that brought your blessings to you, they’re all extremely important. 

Next is Change. You’re moving, life is moving…or your goals are moving into place. And guess what? All things can be moving at the same time. No matter what’s going on, it’s time to do your happy dance. Take in all of the joy, and remember where you came from. 

Lastly is Third Eye Chakra. This is an interesting pull for this reading, because there are three reasons as to why. The first reason is the actuality of the card-you saw this coming. Secondly, it’s still an active “wish”, so a lot will be unfolding. Lastly, it is the timing. When Aquarius season begins, is when you’ll receive your blessings. Keep an eye out, remember your dreams.

And do that happy dance…one more time. 

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