First Retrograde of the Year-Capricorn through Aquarius!


Prepare yourselves!

This year’s first Mercury Retrograde is right around the corner! From January 14 to February 3rd is when you’ll feel it’s mightiest effects. We are definitely experiencing the shadow, which isn’t as potent, but shouldn’t be ignored.

Another wonderful fact about this years retrogrades? There will be four in total! All start in Earth signs and leave in Air signs.

The majority of Earth signs are going to be in for a bumpy ride. You can expect miscommunications, machinery breaking, phones not working, and mood swings galore.

While others bear warnings, retrogrades often allow us time to look within. Why did we break our favorite coffee mug? Was what I said absolutely necessary? Am I hurting someone by doing this?

Sour searching is always needed. Your soul is far greater than you realize.

Herr are classic, but helpful tips to keep the energy around you high and clean.
Cleanse your house nightly with jasmine, lavender or cherry incense
Getting a full night’s rest helps alleviate communication issues
Take your time when speaking, and listen twice.
Do not sign major contracts you are unsure about.
Think before you speak-you cannot undo hurt caused.

Most importantly, meditate. View the world as such-what do you contribute? How do you contribute? What did you miss? Are you doing this wrong? Asking of yourself, instead of blaming others is ALWAYS better.

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