Weekly Reading January 14th-20th 2022- You Are Amazing, Here’s Your Proof

We have a waxing gibbous moon, at 92%, meaning the moon will be full in a few days time. It rests in Gemini, a sign to communicate properly… here’s why!

Mercury Retrograde is upon us! You can expect EVERYTHING to be awry, however, it’s an easy fix. Gemini, the sign of communication, is here to show you how.

Repeat, practice patience, and talk things out. Being a blustering mess won’t fix any issues. But, remember this as well…you manifest the situation and result. If you’re looking to have a bad day, you will. A good day can happen in the flash of an insight.

By Monday, the moon is full, resting in Leo. Ambitious much? Good. But tiptoe around emotions, and be mindful of what you say to whom.

You can expect to spot previous zodiac sign’s planets in our winter night sky, such as Jupiter and Saturn. As we switch from Capricorn (Saturn) to Aquarius (Uranus). 

Most planets that are “seasonal” can be seen during early morning hours, towards the south (MST). And if you’re lucky, you can spot them with the naked eye. 

Here are tips to help you through this year’s first Mercury Retrograde

First Retrograde of the Year-Capricorn through Aquarius!


This week’s reading is amazing. I love how these cards never yield the same result. 

First, we have Perception. Your reality is yours alone. When things flow together, realities can exist if stable. When someone attempts to change, alter or demeans your reality, it looks something like always being negative about YOUR progress.

Next is Belief, firmly confirming the first card. What you believe is none of anyone else’s business but yours. Now sprinkle that fairy dust loud and proud.

Lastly, we have Emergence. All things coincide. This card and reading are proof you’re transmuting, belief and manifestations are about to come forth. I say this a lot, but I always see progress and prefer to encourage….always.

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