As Vast as Can be Imagined

The Dirty Deities: Mist in Our Eyes

Chapter 7 (or so)

Shawn and Alana had now made it to the edge of the desert. The two weren’t necessarily physically weary, but their nerves were getting the best of them. Shawn scanned the horizon, when he saw a purposely made glint catching his attention. 

          He pointed, gently grabbing Alana’s hand and trying to smile.

          “We have a small stretch, then we can rest…”

          “And shower or bathe?”

          “We’ll see…”

          He drew her head in closer to kiss it, smelling ash and dirt on her light pink, wavy hair. Shawn was hoping this would be the end of all the crap they were presently going through. He hoped that when he finally let loose, they would end up back where they belonged. 

          Shawn had to forget all the pain he’d gone through, even away from Manifesto. That was hard. He spent a life time hurting. He didn’t feel whole or healed until he was able to be with Alana. But to know that he would accidentally kill others just to escape was never on his agenda.

         It seemed difficult, and actually, almost impossible. Ki seemed to think he simplified it when he really made it sound much worse. Shawn kept thinking, “true, she’s safe…but because of who’s blood?”

         Before he knew it, they made it to their temporary refuge. Gerah stood first, looking ever so romantic yet fiercesome. He had bright blue hair and stunning blue eyes to match. It seemed his hair waved no matter which way he walked. He was tall and looked young, though Alana was sure he wasn’t. Relah followed, donning bright red hair with grey eyes. Her hair swayed as well without wind. She had a sweet demeanor compared to her mate, but perhaps its because of her round, child like face. 

          She smiled graciously at both, and waved as Relah was quicker to meet them. He hugged Shawn briefly and nodded at Alana.

          “As beautiful as the thought,” he said, grinning at Shawn, “it’s always like that.”

          They both laughed as Alana rolled her eyes and was happily greeted by Relah. However, the moment didn’t last when she saw Force and Lu sitting on broken furniture, looking glum and unsure of what to do or how to apprpach.

          “Before you go off…hear me out,” Gerah stated, “Force didn’t know it was you until it was too late…”

          “Least of my concerns,” Shawn said smoothly, “Alana…”

          “So long as she’s nice to me,” she said quickly. 

          “Prior to your engagement with the others, I’d like to refresh your memory,” Gerah stated magically.

          “Indeed,” Relah said in agreement, “let’s begin with the scared little boy who had more power than anyone existing could comprehend…”

           Relah made circles with her arms until a bubble was formed, immediately locking Shawn and Alana’s attention. There, standing in The Absolution Altar was Young Shawn, no older than nine or ten. The altar itself was a blueish chrine, and had been previously extended. He shuffled further out, slowly taking everytHis mid length, blue waves touseled in the wind as a taller man came forth, grabbing him firmly by the shoulder and whispering in his ear. 

         “You created yourself to be great,” Gerah continued to narrate, “but because of a harrowing imbalance universe wide, your power was sought after for evil, diabolical purposes. Worlds plummeted into darkness. Galaxies disappeared, as Manifesto continued to rise and gain power…that was the day you had your fill…”

          Young Shawn trembled as he stepped forward, feeling as though he were catching a cold. He could hear the alarms blaring down in Coshbor and knew exactly what it meant. His nose dribbled a little, causing him to wipe it as quickly as possible. Then he looked around, noticing the beautiful space surrounding him. His hair fluttered once more, revealing his teary and red, green eyes. Shawn…was tired.

           He walked a little further, out stretching his right hand, and growing a little weaker to the sound of the planet beginning to crack and rumble. Explosions began to plume as far as his young eyes could see, but he didn’t feel like pressing further. The poetic, untouched space was distracting and welcoming. 

            However, he knew his objective. Almas and Analese twitched a little, trying not to show their concern. Was it his age? Did he finally catch on?

           Little Shawn outstretched his hand once more, still sickened by the screams of those suffering and the smell of ash and burning flesh, when he saw a near transparent glint completely wipe out his furthering destruction. He gasped a little, almost celebratory in manner. It was as if he wished it so and it came true.

           The planet rumbled again, as if to halt. Yet, enough damage had been done. Shawn overlooked this and began crying, his energy swirling above his head and evaporating into space. Almas, his keeper, panicked a little as he walked to where Shawn was. But he was blasted back so strongly, he flew into the ship and took out a handful of Manifesto soldiers.

           Analese gazed at Shawn in wonder. This nine year old god had blazing blue eyes, and an ever growing intensity she knew would not only destroy Coshbor, but everyone in the galaxy. 

         “Leave!” She whispered loudly.

         Her echoing request mannered through his mind, and without hesitation, Shawn fell from his alter and plummeted to the sea down below. Screams of horror and confusion from the citizens pelted out as he neared what might be his death. Instead, he crashed near the shallows, bringing up nearly all the water as his force blurted and fizzled out. 

          When he washed up to shore…he was rescued. Past that, allowed to stay.

         “And that,” Gerah finished, “is why you must consider wisely. Everyone knows you can. Except you.”

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