Knowing JCS

To know JCS is like solving a puzzle. She is quite the enigma.
However strange she can be, there is one thing for certain. She is an artist.
JCS has been writing and illustrating since she was a child. She took a professional approach in 2012 which landed her success beyond her wildest dreams. Her newest novel Erin Bailey is a Time Lord which took her nearly three years to construct and finalize, was noticed by publisher Creativia in late 2017. Prior to this accomplishment, she experienced fame worldwide and was able to share her art with Vida, an online clothing merchant.
One of her greatest successes is having the ability to do her own thing-and thrive. Erin Bailey is a major success as well, as it is her first actual Science Fiction/Metaphysical novel without the use of angels.
Erin Bailey is a Time Lord made it to #10 on Amazon for Science-Fiction/Metaphysical during the summer of 2018
Though she finished one series and started another, branching out and playing with other ideas seemed to do her some justice. It has allowed her not only to use her insane imagination, it has made for interesting art as well.
Her biggest dream is to finish everything she starts. Because success for everyone is measured differently.
JCS (aka Jasmine) is a Denver native, and is a mom. During her free time…she sleeps. And when she’s supposed to be sleeping…she’s working. With 56,000+ fans worldwide over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and well over 59,000 subscribers to her website…she has her hands full.
Jasmine is proud of what she accomplished so far. She is also aware there is more to come.
The eccentric artist knows her worth as a goddess, and The “Goddess” is typically well dressed, with flashy statement jewelry, an array of pastels, glitz, and glitter. Standing at five foot eleven inches, it isn’t as if she needs to attract more attention to herself. But she feels since people like to stare…giving them something to wonder about-or fear–
Alongside her worldly talents, she is also “gifted” and has recently ascended, adding, manifesting and enlarging her reach.
Despite her interesting choice is fashion, her height, and her ability to gain compliments from anyone–she is still grateful for everything. Jasmine is still experiencing racial ostracizing, but feels this cannot be avoided. She has even gone as far as telling fellow authors about her success.
So, despite her persona, she isn’t going to announce the destruction and consumption of any planets anytime soon.
The famed artist has written eleven books, self published seven. Erin Bailey is a Time Lord is her seventh completed novel. She is currently working on a new project, self promoting, and patiently waiting. JCS released Stained Waltz, Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts-Adrianna is Mine, and Anguished Immortals-Acts of the Fallen shortly after re-releasing Erin Bailey is a Time Lord under her pseudonym.
All of her achievements came single handedly, and she has reasons beyond one’s comprehension to boast. With all these accomplishments, she has a net worth near $500k-Hard work pays off.
As of recently, JCS was approached by the film company R.C. Rockefeller Entertainment to begin a film based off of one of her novels. Though the script has been completed (and accepted), only time will tell. This too, was a major accomplishment for the famed and successful goddess.
“If it is ever easy, it isn’t worth it.”