Infinite Iridescence

by JCS

Infinite Iridescence

Weekly readings for a New World

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Weekly Reading for November 26th-December 2nd 2021

Earth’s celestial lover moves from Leo to Virgo, with the expectation that things will get sorted out. This will, however, leaves even the gentlest of souls judgmental and analytical, so it is in our best interest to do so in a loving manner.

Observations cannot be helped, but you can decide if you mean well. And in doing so, your harsh words then turn into solid advice. 

We are set firmly in Scorpio season, while it’s difficult communicating with most under this sign, you will find the silver lining with those you know.

Water signs are about healing, discovery and unlocking secrets. Whether they’re bad or good isn’t the point. Harboring emotions is a bad thing. They’re set amiss in the holiday season, which is probably why fights begin to happen! 

But use this energy to focus on healing yourself. Scorpios, like all water signs, are horribly misunderstood. They mean well, when they’re being blunt or seeming to be mean. Finding one with a corresponding water sign either floating through their moon or Venus means their depth is meant to heal, understand. Where as some are seeking as many sexual partners to rule over as possible.

Everyone has a dark side, and a light side-Scorpios are not afraid to show either.

By the middle of the week, we are in Libra, feeling just. But yes, by week’s end, we have a new moon in Scorpio, during Scorpio season. 

Let the waters rise.


Today’s reading signals the significance of your belief in yourself, and where it allows you to stand.

With Sacred Geometry, the meanings for all cards are universal. They can serve as a warning, insight, and as a guide.

With Root Chakra, we automatically assume it is the base-and it is. But it is also a connection from ALL chakras…making a reality (or a dream) complete. When this card shows up, it signifies that all blessings, manifestations, projects, dreams, payoffs…all of it…is concrete and ready to be received! It is also a reminder to keep yourself grounded and focused, as you have just begun.

Our next card is Dynamic. This reading is reveling at the gloriousness of your success, and the path you took to obtain it. But, it doesn’t speak of material gain like Root Chakra, this more so speaks of your ability to “move through the room.” A sign that you have learned to traverse layers, speak your truth, understand your purpose, see the connection, and believe in yourself. 

With all of these is the result of Magic. Magic alone is grand, but combined with Root Chakra and Dynamic, your actions speak very clearly. People always dismiss magic, denouncing witches and so on. There is such a thing as good magic, and it doesn’t need a spell book to work. Everyone holds magic inside of them, how you use it and the determined outcome is up to you.