Infinite Iridescence

by JCS

Infinite Iridescence

Weekly readings for a New World

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Weekly Reading January 21st-January 27th, 2022

Our moon is at 90% illumination, as a waning gibbous in the sky.

If you’re lucky, you can catch Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in the Southwest, as the sun sets!. Uranus can be seen directly above, and Orion’s belt is still visible in the Northeast sky.

With the moon in Virgo, you can now thank the heavens your messages will get across plainly and simply. Cut to the chase-no games. Sounds grand, right?

Being analytical is something this sign thrives on, so be sure to save your observations for good reasons. People can be uniquely offended!

By the middle of the week, we find ourselves in deep waters, and at the end of week, happy-go-lucky wanderer Sagittarius allows us light of breath. 


Have you been making deep spiritual connections? Good! This is more of a soul-bound reading. And yes, definitely meant for relationships.

Our first card is Coherence, and interestingly enough, speaks of the deep bound you’ve created. You’ve used your mind, and heart to create the reality you craved! And one that you deserve.

Next is Soul-Time. This is similar to Synergy, but in a more romantic tone. Take time to use your soul to feel this out, instead of your head.

Lastly, we have Throat Chakra. It is more so communication…and getting it right. You can say it…or feel it. Feeling it counts more. It allows your vibrational response to be better once doubled back to the sender.