Gorgeous Blurbs

High Vibrating

That let down will be tremendous.
But to let go would be stupendous.
No more rendevouz with men who ain’t worth it.
Better to leave when you know it ain’t working.

Save your dignity for someone who matters.
Ignore all the compliments and baseless chatter.
Everyone wants what they can’t have.
You’re looking for a God, not a simple man.

Don’t tread where you’re not wanted.
My cloud is high for a reason.
Doesn’t account to how you feel it may go.
My answer is a firm one, and that shit is no.

The disappointment is on the horizon.
Looming, waiting for those tears to start falling.
But instead of ruining your make up.
Don’t start a bad thing, life is too tough.

Explain you’re out of their league.
Explain they’re not the air that you breathe.
Everyone wants what they can’t have.
You’re looking for a high vibrating entity, not a man.

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