As always, new work 😊 inspiration from MYSELF. Haha, its a rendering of yours truly.

How to Not React

We, as humans, have a habit of giving ourselves too freely to those who do not deserve it. This is a common discussion among few, and I feel it needs to be more widely spread. While remaining calm, and sorting through your thoughts has a tendency to work, being completely void of emotion towards those…

Weekly Reading November 12th-18th: Manifest Like You Mean Business

Oof. Aquarius going into Pisces can mean two things for our moon and our lives. That everything is officially a problem. As I drift into deep waters. Take in stride the things you need for clarity’s sake. Be open, be honest, and think before you speak. Step aside to understand other’s emotional boundaries before you…

Worth the Wait

I remembered how when I dreamt of the sea, I saw the galaxy as well. That’s how immense the feeling is ❤️