Artwork Progress for “Sober”

Recently started, and am nearly finished with the second portion of “Sober,” which is chapter four in the Original Dirty Deities. Very excited about this piece, as I do plan in putting it on a shirt!

Newest WIP

These are from “Sober”, which is chapter four, from The Dirty Deities.

The Dirty Deities 2, and Some Other Stuff

It is official! I am four chapters into writing The Dirty Deities 2: Mist in Our Eyes. I am not giving away the plot yet, as it is still thickening. What I can tell you is…there is art work…and so far it is phenomenal. I have to illustrate about 6 to 7 new characters for…

Small and Simple

I threw a very nice party for my birthday, which is today. Unfortunately, no one came. One person, I can excuse. She lives far and she wasn’t sure if she’d get a ride. The other person…had no reason. So, since no one takes me seriously except my boyfriend…no one is going to Comic Con on…


I worked so hard to make you love me. She is the reason I lose sleep. I intercepted what could have been the end of us. And all of it makes me question our love. As I lay with a stranger. The layers unfold as the story is told. I’m in love with a stranger….

As Far As They Know

I have come a long way. A year isn’t much unless you’ve struggled. I went from being on top…to scraping at the bottom of a barrel. From being in love, to loathing the flesh of one human being. Now I see myself rising from the ashes. My never ending efforts to obtain finishing ANYTHING has…

My Ignorance Is Your Bliss

Would much rather be. A place where I can’t be seen. The simplicity of awe. As we share the rise of dawn. And delight in the fall of man. Had he not, would we understand? That touch does more than this. My ignorance is your bliss.

Time: Friend or Foe?

Time is something one can adjust to. However, I would prefer that time adjusted to me. For example….I wake up before the sun rises to ready my son for school… Sleep and time are not friends, I assure you. But time came to tighten up a bit. After leaving a bad situation, I now find…