The Riverbed

The frailty in the comfort of believing all is well is more dangerous than any acts of violence. -JCS

Burning Vats

I’m going to watch you. Let you burn. Baby, burn like sacred vats-tonight. We should have learned. Too easily distracted. Our love is falling limp-tonight. Because I’m intoxicated…beyond my two feet. Can’t remember where I put my phone. This liquor has me weak. Take me home? So you can watch me burn. Let me burn….

How to Mine a Heart

From the depths of my heart. There’s a depiction of how much I truly love. You. I always think about you, baby. Anything you have to say. Even when you’re away. Throughout the week or just a day. Idle of my time, something quite like- You’re on my mind, since you’re mine. Simple is easy…