Imagination of a Dream

You are…my imagination. Can I stay here? Not much for facing All this life there. Beyond the mountains blue. You are everything I need. And I fell far, landed on my feet. But I can see the moon from here, And it’s clear. Dream on my love, Like a thread that’s invisible. Strong, and invincible….


I worked so hard to make you love me. She is the reason I lose sleep. I intercepted what could have been the end of us. And all of it makes me question our love. As I lay with a stranger. The layers unfold as the story is told. I’m in love with a stranger….

How to Mine a Heart

From the depths of my heart. There’s a depiction of how much I truly love. You. I always think about you, baby. Anything you have to say. Even when you’re away. Throughout the week or just a day. Idle of my time, something quite like- You’re on my mind, since you’re mine. Simple is easy…

Help Me Breathe

Here I am now, remotely weak. Then I gain strength once you speak. You give me peace in many ways. Most of all when I see your face. You make me smile, I make you laugh. Make your soul sing, make my heart dance. And here we are, let’s take this chance. Close your eyes…