The Delgado-A Cancerian Gemini

We’ve talked about this before. It’s obvious I have an affinity for Shawn Delgado. If you’ve read the series, you know why. A few months ago, I wrote a few blogs about what Zodiac sign he could be and I finally landed on the perfect answer. While a lot of men feel brute strength and…

Birthday Gift

This year, I decided to treat myself, and not worry about who got me what. Why? Because I love myself, and it’s my job to make me happy. So, I had fun shopping while buying things I enjoy looking nice in. I hope I am planting a seed 🌱

Heaven Has Closed Their Door

Heaven Has Closed Their Door… My desire. You used to light my fire. You’re a deserter. And the worst part is it still hurts. So I’m wounded but happy with someone else. Why do we these things …To ourselves. We were searching, and got lost. We were rich but couldn’t afford the cost. Now we’re…

Make Eye Contact With The Sky

Anger rising like mercury and all the other person says is, “Sorry.” You laid down and gave them everything. And cursed your name just to hear them speak. But no longer now…do you have to bow down. Your destiny was written in my stars. And you can see and finally be happy. And safe in…

All Day. All Night.

All night. All day. Love you in every single way. Knowing we’ll never change. Admiring all you do and say. Naive and weak. And showing our wounds while we’re still in need. All I have is all I’ll be. And you have proven the same to me. Past hurts. Past lives. C’est la vie, it’s…

Set In Stone

A broken hearted misses with a pocket full of wishes And fist full of kisses on the side. She knew what she was missing, cuz she knew how much she’d miss him, and eventually became his ride or die. She couldn’t walk away. He came to make a change And wrote it on her heart….

Where I Could Breathe

Does it sting like the first time? Everytime you tell a lie? Do you wish it were you and I? Laid up in here all night. Well I won’t hate to say it. But I’m glad things are changing. It shows you couldn’t make it. It shows you were never serious. And I thought you…

Ashes Into Diamonds

We have all been hurt. Bruised and confused, then tossed in the dirt. And it’s hard to smile after the pain. But when I see your face. I began to feel the change. And I was told you will always feel the same. We got burned and turned into ash. Scattered everywhere like broken glass….

Your Sovereign

When I was younger I was never…where I was s’posed to be. Now I’m older, and wiser-yet they turn their cheeks to me. Feel it burning, a yearning to make it complete. To be their sovereign, their majesty. And have them on their knees. Can you tell me? What’s wrong. I feel like the punch…


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