New release!

The Dirty Deities-Mist in Our Eyes is now available on Amazon for kindle?

Mist in Our Eyes Release Date!

The time has finally come! More so that I have finally pulled my head out of my ass! After finishing the third draft, I realized nothing else needed to be done. The Dirty Deities- Mist in Our Eyes releases April 17th, 2021. That is my 34th birthday! Lucky you! You’ve got to know first (sort…

The Impossible

The only thing stopping the Keeper of Life from saving Reincarnation herself…is absolutely nothing at all.Buy The Dirty Dirties today on Amazon The Dirty Deities This is secretly my favorite novel (Shhh! Don’t tell Erin Bailey) and I bet it’ll becomes yours too!


This was actually my first, full length…complete novel. I first features on Authonomy, which I’ve heard is now a wasteland. It did well, especially for my first novel. Anguished Immortals, Acts of the Fallen focuses on Azrael, the Archangel of Death…and Enyo, Greek goddess of war. Azrael is doing his job, Enyo is trying to…