What Instagram is Really Meant For

In this day and age, everyone is looking to social media to broaden their reach.  Even if it’s because they “think” they’re beautiful and need reassurance from the public. That includes celebrities, as well.  *Side note: No one will be safe from this blog.* Ultimately, it causes a chain reaction. Typical of human nature, but…

Mermaids and Stardust

A tidal wave drew me out. And here I am, what I’m about. Far away, and from the stars. He took my love, and pierced my heart. Lonely stranger full of diamonds. Bones of platinum and a heart of gold. Lonely lovers, found each other. Sea of stars, starting wars. Let him drink from my…

Time Heart Trance

Time stops when you walk in the room. The people stare in straight awe of you. From the shine of your shoes to the top of your brow. You have been and will be the topic for now. This density we’re building is unfathomable. And no one can steal the spotlight-it’s never time for their…

Ambitions Kiss

Eyes that meet. Lips that speak. Words that cover our heads. From here, to there. Car seat to chair. And the desire that leads to bed. A wish and a dream. Two separate things. As one will always be real. Yet in your mind, Lounges – wasting time. And your life wants more to feel.

By Way of Passion

That glittery feeling erupts in your gut. When you see it and know you’re in love. When you feel, yet are silent. Whilst emotions are wild and… You realize they will always be enough. Now breathe… He is your life, the air that you need. And the passion will show when he speaks. Inaudible, but…

Ready for War

With my boots strapped tight, And my gloves on. I can be your hero. With my weapons locked, Full of fire. I can be there when you call. But please don’t turn your Gun on me, my love. I just want your love, Against the world. Cry out to the heavens, I’m running to you….

Obsessive Type of Love

“…the one time a man finally has a positive effect…seems like the mother of all tests just to keep calm…”

Short and Simple

Greetings- Hello to the newest followers, and thank you to the loyal ones! I have had an interesting beginning part of this year. Seeing has how we are nearly half way through, I found it best to update a few things I had been lacking to do so. I made a huge fuss about having…


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