Change of the Tides

We often allow woes to creep from the depths of our actual despair, not realizing or caring if anyone could actually be going through something worse. Often times, I am guilty of this. But I have lupus, so I have my reasons. Though I am alive, I have sacrificed a lot to be here, so…

First of the Month

It is the first day of June. We are fast on the approach of the Denver Comic Con! I am happy to announce that a friend of mine will be in cosplay as Eliza from Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts. Along with that character, I will be going as Adrianna, and my lover will be…

I, A Woman. Am Pretty Much Sick of Your Shit

I am a woman. I am a mother, a lover, an artist and an author. I am beautiful…as the world says you should be and just in general. I have large breasts, a small waist, large hips and a fairly nice sized back side and long legs. My skin is the color of caramel or…

Little Lies

What are you so afraid of in this life? Is tonight the night that we die? We will explode into a million pieces, While still trying to make peace? Are you sure it’s not all in your head? Seems there’s no issues when I’m in your bed. From the smallest thing, to the darkest lie….

Ready for War

With my boots strapped tight, And my gloves on. I can be your hero. With my weapons locked, Full of fire. I can be there when you call. But please don’t turn your Gun on me, my love. I just want your love, Against the world. Cry out to the heavens, I’m running to you….

Breathe Your Air

Can I just breathe your air? Even when you’re not here. Dry away these tears. Chase away my fears. Say you understand. And always be my man. Can I keep your love? Sometimes I feel its just enough. To keep me through this life. To heal and guide me through my strife. Can just stay…

Free Fall

It’s the way everything fell down I allowed myself to fall from grace. Just to touch your hand. You know deities shouldn’t mingle with men. Stooping lower just to see. Where your heart would lead. Victim of the fall. It’s the way everything fell… Down. ©2014 by J.C.S.