Own All Of Space

Boy, the steaze you give has got me beyond my mind. I am flying past cloud nine, owning all of space and stopping time. We’re going to fly…away. Whenever we want…first flight’s today. Top me off, shot gun me until I can’t even speak. You have to know all you do always makes me weak….


Finished! Wondering if this piece, titled The Goddess and the Cosmonaut should be used for a shirt! Haven’t decided, but I’m so happy it came out so well! I may start on another piece, and I will definitely keep you all updated!

Fresh Start

Erin Bailey is a Time Lord is now available for download. Purchase your kindle edition today! Here’s a quick preview for those new to the novel! “Erin Bailey is a time traveling deity who was not only created spontaneously, he traveled from the beginning to the end, creating his own residue and damaging time itself….

Imagination of a Dream

You are…my imagination. Can I stay here? Not much for facing All this life there. Beyond the mountains blue. You are everything I need. And I fell far, landed on my feet. But I can see the moon from here, And it’s clear. Dream on my love, Like a thread that’s invisible. Strong, and invincible….


I tried to give myself to you. And instead I uncovered the truth. You need beyond healing. More than words can afford. And I’m bending inward towards you. Your eyes are always locked into mine. Have you ever had to mine a mind? Your heart beats with mine as we lose time. Never supposed to…