It was the same music. Same dress types-black, crystals, tight. Same heels, same hair style. Same feeling when you were drunk. Same feeling of disappointment when you were down playing poker. Same exhilaration when you’ve cleared the table.     The giggles, champagne. The flirting, the hopes. The kisses, the orgasms. Suddenly, Alana could see through……

Art progress

I can no longer express how annoying social media has become. I will probably try to stay on my website, as one of my #wip has been banned from TikTok. Here is work for Aria, the Silver Winged Oracle.

More Art to Come!

    It’s been a productive month! I was able to finish two illus trations, and may be able to work on a third!     The compilation done was from The Dirty Deities. It’s a transitioning chapter, in which Shawn has to drug Alana to keep things under wraps. Eventually, Reincarnation begins to feel something is…

Artwork Progress for “Sober”

Recently started, and am nearly finished with the second portion of “Sober,” which is chapter four in the Original Dirty Deities. Very excited about this piece, as I do plan in putting it on a shirt!