Untitled, written for Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts

Written by Edward Hanch   Just another walk in the park Dim days stay bright, my lights your dark. While you could never play my part. You I’m out there still believing you’re smart. Hide the goods- You can feel me when I stare. And make sure you’re afraid… When you see I’m not there.


I’m a fool. And unwise. But I knew I wasn’t wastin my time. I’m in love. Is that fine? To take you from the others. To have you as mine. And perhaps, I should breathe. Even though I know you’re the one that I need. And I. I was able to take your breath away….

All the Boys and Girls

I swore I saw the stars fade from their eyes. Like robots all without their mind. I told myself that I wouldn’t cry. Then you saved me. You tried. Are we dancing to a song that doesn’t play? Anymore? Or…am I entangled in your dreams. Like a ship, crashing to the shore? I was so…

All the World is Crazy 

   All the world is crazy…except for me. So I generalize things from the colors I see. Sew me up and bind these bursting seams. Keep me at the top of my own tree. If anyone else could save me it could be you. To be for anyone’s purpose, I’d face the truth. That all…

Said That You Love Me

Said that you love me. When we younger. Holding my hand so dear, I could feel your blood pumping. But now that we’re over, not fit for a lover. And I can still feel your love coursing through. You touched me. Kissed me. Made love to me. Only to leave me. You hurt me. Cheated….

The Intended Anticipation

How do you suppose, When things have gone your way. When wishes weren’t not made. And you didn’t have to pray? When he walks back through your door, A smile heavier than before. And his intent is to let you know. He will never let you go. He asks, “Can someone have you?” It depends…

Idle Desperation

Idle Desperation I have a will against my own. The attempt to show I’m known. Just to touch your hand. Whisper your type of man. Fill you head with wonder. Then your thoughts I’d plunder. Yes, that type of power. I could sit in there for hours. Then suddenly I blink. As if I need…