I’m a fool. And unwise. But I knew I wasn’t wastin my time. I’m in love. Is that fine? To take you from the others. To have you as mine. And perhaps, I should breathe. Even though I know you’re the one that I need. And I. I was able to take your breath away….

Ready for War

With my boots strapped tight, And my gloves on. I can be your hero. With my weapons locked, Full of fire. I can be there when you call. But please don’t turn your Gun on me, my love. I just want your love, Against the world. Cry out to the heavens, I’m running to you….

He came back for me

He came back for me Beauty! They say. Beauty! They scream. They howl and beat their chests at me. The moons shows slivers of pride and greed. Taken! I demand. Taken! Then I stand. A sword in one, a shield in my other hand. I refuse to fall victim to another selfish man. Beginning their…

Delight in Desecration

As many will never admit. They’d rather  lie, yell and spit. This  power does feel good. Especially first gained. That death whispers songs. Beckons one to sing along. To destroy anyone who’s weak. Whether or not it’s insane. That blood is the new black. And deceit is a humbling matter. That chaos reigns true. And…

Epilogue to Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts- Amenity Units

Hello and welcome to Amenity Units. For three hundred years, we have specialized in replacing life as you know it. From factory made organs using the tissues of altered fetuses, to breasts and limbs made to be perfect. We’ve established a legacy here. You can….defeat death. Humans clung to this for ages, not realizing what…