March 30th-April 5th Reading- The Lie Catcher

Unlike a Pisces moon, a Scorpio moon means you won’t find yourself swimming in unfamiliar waters. In fact, a nearly full moon in Scorpio means these three things-the trash will walk itself out, you will come to terms with the truth, and everyone around you is wary of what you will say (and do). While…

Sept 6th-12th Reading- Empowerment!

It is the first full week of September, and I sensed an early fall this year.  The autumnal equinox will soon be upon us, and it is very powerful. The shifting of the Earth begins, which means a portal (or more) will open. Last year, I was deeply affected by this, and started my ascension….

Weekly Reading-August 30th-Sept 5th

This week’s reading speaks deeply of change, reality…and how it is forever changing.  Emergence wants us to remember the mind and imagination are beautiful and POWERFUL tools. Use them wisely, but never doubt what you’re capable of.  Transition, different from Change in this deck, wants us to acknowledge how reality changes every single second. Yes….