Change of the Tides

We often allow woes to creep from the depths of our actual despair, not realizing or caring if anyone could actually be going through something worse. Often times, I am guilty of this. But I have lupus, so I have my reasons. Though I am alive, I have sacrificed a lot to be here, so…

Grand Design

I dunno if I’m made for this. But I do think every time we kiss. That I was made for you. I don’t care who knows this, All I know is, baby. I was made for you. Who’s gonna love you when I’m gone? Love you when you’re wrong? Love you when you’re right? Who…

Ambitions Kiss

Eyes that meet. Lips that speak. Words that cover our heads. From here, to there. Car seat to chair. And the desire that leads to bed. A wish and a dream. Two separate things. As one will always be real. Yet in your mind, Lounges – wasting time. And your life wants more to feel.

Obsessive Type of Love

“…the one time a man finally has a positive effect…seems like the mother of all tests just to keep calm…”