The Model JCS

Velvet. Denim. Crystals. Pastels. Floral cat ears. Bows. Original. Most of all.

Self Made.

Firstly, I model for myself.

What does that mean?

It means I decide when, what and where. Modeling, to most, usually means for industry projects and runways. I prefer to set my own path, as I already have.

Photoshoots/photo credits-

All sets, and photo credits are in my name because they’re done by me. I do my own photography as well. Why? Well, because I have a good eye. I know how the light will hit my face, or cast shadows on it. I’ve asked several people who claimed to have done photography…and the results were horrendous. So I took matters into my own hands. Why?

Why wait?

Make up and hair-

Again, all done by me.

My vision varies on how I feel. I used to plan my photoshoots out…but one day I had an epiphany and realized to allow my random blurts of inspiration to dictate. It works well for me.

I learned to create makeup visuals by using simple steps, in the attempt to appear natural…even when iridescent lipstick was being used.

I like to remain as original as possible. We live in a world of carbon copy mash-ups.

Surreal and Eccentric-

If you make someone look hard enough, they will be lost in thought.

Are you just beautiful? Or do you expand the mind?

What else do your looks have to offer? Modeling is art. Anyone can wear a shirt. Can you make someone ask about your shirt? I can.


There are photos taken on the basis of my emotions (as pictured above)

I was experiencing absolute hell, but I want people to witness me still being able to shine.

Instead of allowing my situation to dictate my success, I pressed through. Art is feeling. How do I make you feel?

Most of all, it shows raw emotion. Especially if it’s done right. This I why I love working for myself. You won’t get raw emotion from a campaign ad. You’ll get an altered perspective.

Here are a few more pieces done by me. Please refer to my Contact page for more information, or a way to speak with me.