Weekly Reading September 13th-19th 2021: The Result is from Magic-The Work of Your Imagination

Luna is transitioning from Sagittarius to Capricorn. This is showing you the creation…and now solidifying those creations. Aka…manifesting. 

This is for projects, relationships, health, money…really anything. It’s a good sign that things are definitely changing. 

Capricorns are earth signs, less lavish than Taurus, and much more stubborn. Make sure to rest while you’re creating and bringing things from the Spirit Realm to Earth. No matter your drive, not enough rest could ruin the vision. 

By the weekend, we’ll be in Aquarius…and by next week…we have a full moon in Pisces. You can expect to lose yourself, in a good way.


This week’s reading speaks of movement, new beginnings, and the spark behind all of that. These cards work perfectly with our celestial partners.

The first card is Conception. We often assume this means to make a child, but you’ve recently…moreover… grew up a little! You’ve decided what’s best for YOU and it’s manifested into fertile ground. 

Next is Cosmic Flower. Whenever you touch base with your true self, you have returned home…to show respect to the Source. You are doing as you should, and the next card shows how and why 

Magic is last. We speak of moving energy, traversing layers and understanding the multidimensional aspects of our existence. Your imagination is the key to unlocking your abilities-it always has been.